PS3 Card Games

Sony are introducing a cool game when the PS3 launches later this year. The games makes use of a real deck of cards and a camera (Eye Cards). The game, named “The Eye of Judgement” makes the cards come to life as mythical characters on screen, thanks to the inbuilt camera on the PS3.

As seen above, the game makes use of the real deck of cards. I personally think this might be an excellent way forwards for some type of games although the same should be able to be acomplished on the PS2 and I wouldn’t mind seeing this game appear on there. The Eye Toy on the PS2 is such a classic device that it had to take off big style.

What used to be imagined in your mind is now displayed on the screen.

The way the ps3 card games works is by placing cards on to the 3 x 3 board in front of you. The camera reads a code from the back of the card which is then converted in to an onscreen character (see image above).

Even better news is that the game should be made in to an online game… although Sony are working on how to stop the opponent from cheating.

Keep checking back for more news on the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) due out November 2006.

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