PlayBook Promotional Videos Uploaded by RIM

RIM has launched a couple of new promotional videos for the BlackBerry PlayBook. These two videos arrive just in time for CES 2011.

The first one shows the tablet running HTML5 content as well as Flash games. Social networking sites such as Facebook are also seen running in the video.

The second video shows details about the tools available to developers as found in the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK. Adobe Flash Builder 4 is also shown as well as Flash Builder Burrito.

Overall, the PlayBook has us intrigued as it seems RIM has put a lot of time in to this rather than just throwing out another tablet like others have. We still need to wait a few months for launch, but it’s getting closer.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    I am truly impressed with the Playbook videos.The software on my Torch 9800 is really slick in a nice way. I can help but think how much better the BB experience will be on a larger device with more extensive capabilities-like full flash-and a superior battery life.Yet something that remains ultra portable an accessible,Cannot wait to start reading full revews on the playbok in my favourite Australian computer rags and to check one out ASAP.

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