PlayBook Email and Calendar Apps Demonstrated by RIM

The BlackBerry PlayBook still doesn’t have native email, contacts and calendar functions. We have been told before that it’s coming and it appears that RIM is getting real close to a launch date.

The details of the apps were revealed at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum and when demonstrated they were also given a release date of February 17th.

Although the BlackBerry PlayBook lacks a few of the most important features (email, contacts, calendar) it’s still an excellent device although at the moment it still couldn’t be classed as a competitive device due to the lack of some extremely important features.

From the screenshots and the descriptions we have read about the new native email, calendar and contact apps it seems that RIM has done an excellent job. Email works well and allows you to manage your email in the same way as you do on a smartphone but with the advantage of a larger screen. The calendar app has an interesting feature which makes the day numbers larger if you have a busy day so you can see at a glance if you you have spare time left in the day.

As all the apps look almost finished, the release date of February 17 should still stand.


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