Planex CQW-MRB Autonomous WiFi Router Supports 3G

PLANEX_CQW_MRB_1Planex have launched a new portable wireless router that allows a 3G USB dongle to be connected up to it allowing several people to share the same connection.

The device is battery powered and can provide up to two hours of internet usage on a single charge. These types of router are not new, but it’s always good having other options on the market.

An alternative option to running a setup like this is to root your Android based phone, install the wireless tether and allow users to connect wirelessly to your phone to share data that way. But, if you need or want a seperate device then the Planex CQW-MRB is another option.

The wireless 3G router will be available in Japan in the next week or so costing 14800 Yen. There are no details of a launch out of Japan at the moment. Via: Akhibara

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