Pixavi Xcaster ST5000

xcaster_st5000The Xcaster ST5000 from Pixavi is a high-def camera capable of capturing and streaming live data. It’s built of aluminium which makes it strong, durable and extremely handy to have.

The camera arrives in May this year with a price tag of $7950 which is rather a lot. Lets take a look at what you get for your money. As mentioned above, the camera is rugged which means it can survive drops on to concrete. On the technical side it captures and streams high-def video over a number of connection methods. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, WIMAX and satellite hook-up (allowing you to stream in more difficult out of the way areas). CD-Quality sound is captured and the video/audio data is streamed using standard codecs that include H.264 and AAC. Uses for such a camera are wireless video conferencing and reporting to name a couple.

Although the high price tag of nearly $8K seems like a lot it probably isn’t for a company who could save a considerable amount considering this is an all-in-one package that does the whole job lot of recording and streaming over the internet.

Press Release Via: OhGizmo

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