Pioneer Launch 6 new SatNav Units in Japan

Pioneer are launching six new satnavs over in Japan that will cost from 112,000 to 352,000 Yen which is the equivalent of $1242 – $3904. The six new units, obviously top of the range units, are split in to two categories.

The first is the H9990 series that has a 7 inch screen capable of an 800 x 480 pixel resolution. This is in a 1+1 Din form and includes a 12Seg TV tuner along with other features such as DVD, CD, DSP, HDD and supports a number of file formats for playing back MP3 files, WMA, AAC. For connectivity it has Bluetooth as well as an iPod and iPhone connector although this is optional.

The next range is the AVIC-ZH9990 that is a 2 DIN device while the AVIC-H9990 is a 1 DIN HDD based GPS. Confused? Never mind as we definitely won’t be seeing these over in Europe or the US at least for now.

Full details can be found at the link below the images where a few more technical specs can be found along with several more images to check out.

Via: Akihabaranews

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