Photos of iPhone 5 logic board appear online

Some pictures of the iPhone 5 logic board have been uploaded. The images show a slightly different board to that of the iPhone 4/4S. Although these may or may not be actual logic boards that Apple will use, the interesting point to be made is that the screw holes line up perfectly with the leaked casing we have seen several times.

As well as having a picture of the board, Nowhereelse who found the images on a forum have created an animated GIF showing the logic board fading in to the case which also shows the screw holes lining up (mostly).

The logic board was leaked by the same forum member who also leaked the iPhone 4 logic board, so there’s a good chance that this is a credible leak.

Expect the iPhone 5 to be announced on September 12 with a launch about a week or so later.


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