Photo Booth Gets Updated with OS X Lion

Amongst the various (250+) updates that OS X Lion brings to the Mac, one of the apps that got updated was Photo Booth. This particular program makes use of your iSight camera and is capable of manipulating images in real time to make some interesting effects. Changes include the ability to use Photo Booth in full screen mode which adds a more graphically rich interface (such as curtains around the sides of the screen).

The new version includes everything from the older version which means you can capture single, 4 images or video with the app. You also now have more backdrops to work with and the interaction with the camera and person is better in that the software does a better job at detecting where you are in the image.

Nine new effects are included in Photo Booth Lion which include the following:

Space Alien, Nose Twirl, Bug Out, Frog as well as birds that spin around your head and hearts that do the same. Although Photo Booth for Lion wont be the reason you’ll upgrade to Lion, it’s certainly a nice little update to some software that hasn’t been changed for a while now.

You can get Mac OS X Lion on new Mac’s or download it via the App Store on your current Mac (assuming you have the correct specs).


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