Philips Drag and Draw

Digital Drawing Tools

Philips have created the drag and draw which is demonstrated above. It is a device which uses laser and light to project an image on to a wall. To get the image to appear you mix up colours in the colour bucket on the floor. Once you have your desired colour you paint on to the wall. Also, by pretending to cast a spell on the wall the image will be put in to a background and animated bringing it to life.


  1. william dantos says

    I would like to buy a light painting drag and draw – can you help me please.
    I can’t seem to find them anywhere.
    Thank you very much – Bill

  2. This idea has been taking up my mind for years, it is great to find out that light painting can be true. Unfortunately, no link to Digital Drawing tool on the internet gives information of its availability. PLEASE let us know where to get it. The price is almost no subject.
    Thank you for any information in advance.

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