Phidgets USB Sensor Kit

Phidgets Interface
Phidgets USB sensors are used for monitoring environmental factors such as temperature, light, motion, magnetic field and vibration to name a few. When buying the product you need to choose the phidgets you want to use. According to the Phidgets website you do not need any technical knowledge, no programming skills and you do not need to know anything about communication protocols. In fact, they only recommend that you have an imagination. This opens up Phidgets to be used in any number of ways you could possibly think of. One project someone made is Tetris Weightlifting. This game is a highly modified version of the game in which lifting weights actually controls the pieces. You can imagine the pain on even the strongest mans face when he gets to level 9.

To work with the kit you just need to attach the phidgets together and then they connect to the interface and then through USB in to your computer where the software can take all sorts of readings. For the full details of these cool little devices check out the Phidgets website.

Product Page Via: RedFerret

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