Phantom Flex Captures full HD 1080p at 2800 Frames Per Second

There’s a few cameras that come with the ability to capture video at a silly amount of frames per second rate nearing the 1000 mark and slightly above. However, such cameras normally work at a really low resolution of double digit resolutions.

The Phantom Flex is different in that it can amazingly capture up to 2800 frames per second at a Full HD resolution (ie, 1080p or 1920 x 1080 to be exact). That’s some impressive stuff there and certainly grabs out attention.

The sensor is capable of capturing 4K images at 1560 frames per second. Capturing some still respectable images with a 640 x 480 resolution you can then capture at a rate of 6300 FPS.

The ability to capture video at such high speed allows you to create some very impressive movies of objects exploding, or being shot at for example and then see how each part of the object breaks up when hit by force. The results are quite amazing when video is captured that quickly.

Of course, the camera cannot be purchased for cheap. Full details of the camera including all the finer specifications can be found over here. [OhGizmo]

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