Personal Homing Device

Personal Homing Device

Stop loosing personal belongings and find them with this homing device

If you tend to loose a lot of things like your keys, books, friends and any other item you can stick a mini tag on then pick up a personal homing device. The homing device comes with tags which you fit to your key ring or stick to objects that you loose frequently. You can then track the object using this device up to 183m away with in 2.5cm of where the object is actually sat. Thats is quite impressive. The personal tracker also has an LED flashing light which helps you to track your stuff in the dark.

The device can track up to 24 tags which you register to the handheld tracking unit that is supplied. Each tag measures 30.5 x 19.5 x 8.5mm.

For the forgetful person, 59.99 GBP might be worth paying out for a device like this. Also take in to consideration that if an object is stolen which has a tag then there is also a chance that you could locate that object if you spend enough time driving around with the tracking device.

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