Pepper Spray Ring

Pepper Spray Ring
For personal security a pepper spray ring could be ideal for you. They are created in silver or gold playing and use a replaceable spray canister so that you are protected while out and about. The ring uses pepper spray rated at 2 million SHU and is effective for 2 – 3 seconds at a range of 12 inches. When the spray comes in to contact with a person the attacker will get inflammation of the eye capillaries and other mucous membranes. It is ideal for you to make your escape.

As always, it is a ring that you hope you never need to use. But on the off chance it does come in handy it could help you get away.

Product Page Via: 7Gadgets


  1. Lova Of says

    I want a pepper spray ring to defend myself against any attacker. That’s really a nice and effective gadget. Hidden and underground until you need it. I want one.

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