Pentax K-x Robo Edition Launching

korejanai_pentaxThe Pentax K-x is a new camera that was announced just a month ago. The announcement said that it comes in the usual black colour along with white and red options being available. Now we hear that a new version has been launched in a Kore Ja Nai Robo toy set of colours.

The colourful model of camera resembles the toy robot that was first introduced in Japan back in 2001 and aims to be more of a fun entry level digital SLR camera. Other than the fancy colour casing there are no other differences on this camera.

The special edition robo Pentax K-x will cost $880 when launched and only 100 units will be made with pre-orders beginning early next month in November. As of now it seems that all 100 units will be staying in Japan unless you can find some way of getting your hands on one of them through someone else if you want to take part in the mad array of colour.


Via: CrunchGear

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