Pencil iPad Stand Reloaded

Last week, Geeky Gadgets made an impressive pencil iPad stand that used a handful of pencils and rubber bands to prop up an iPad in landscape or portrait mode.

One of the websites readers decided to make the Pencil iPad Stand Reloaded which uses the same idea of using rubber bands to tie things together, but instead of pencils it uses aluminium rods cut to length that have their ends covered in Plasti Dip coating to protect the iPad getting scratched.

The results look very good and show what could probably be a slightly more sturdier iPad stand. Some of the process is quoted below to indicate the thought that went in to creating the stand…

The next four hours at work were excruciating! All I could think of was getting home and getting to work on my master piece! When I finally got home I frantically pulled my tools out of the garage so that I could immediately begin working. I used the following tools:
– A tape measure
– A retractable Sharpie
– A hack saw
– A pair of wood clamps
– A small metal file

Check out the full post here to provide all the details of how it was made.

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