Pencil iPad Stand

The team over at Geeky Gadgets have created another home-made stand. Previous versions included the iPhone Pencil Stand that as the name suggests, holds an iPhone.

The new stand is called the Pencil iPad Stand and was designed to hold an iPad in place on your desk so you can watch a movie. The design used for this stand follows the same style before in that you get a few elastic bands and pencils and tie them together to create a place for the iPhone to sit on. However, the iPad is larger and due to the larger size and extra weight, the stand had to be put together slightly differently to compensate for the size and weight change.

Six pencils are needed for the stand along with four elastic bands. Pencils with erasers on the top work better to provide some grip and protection for the iPad so it doesn’t slip over. The iPad can be held in portrait or landscape mode with this design.

If you are worried about the metal scratching your new iPad without using a case, just extend the two pencils until you have plenty of wood to rest your iPad on, or wrap a little tape around the metal on each to protect the edge of your iPad.

The Pencil iPad Stand is certainly unique and probably ranks as the cheapest iPad stand you can get.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. serra eaber says

    I think the Cloak is nice but I decided to go with the ZooGue Case because its adjustable to any angle. I love watching movies in Bed.

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