PC Car Stereo

PC Car Stereo
The Navisurfer II is a complete PC which replaces your car stereo. The screen is 7 inches and runs at an 800 x 480 resolution. The screen slides out from the single DIN stereo and flips up to reveal either Windows XP or a Linux distro. The software running on Windows is configured especially for in car use which means you will see GPS navigation, media player, video player and a cool diagnostics piece of software which can show various things from your engine. Not only do you have the basics in there, you can also hook up other devices such as video cameras for reversing, controllers for playing games and it has USB connectivity too. The spec of the Navisurfer II isn’t too shabby either. A few variations are available which have from 40GB to 120GB of hard disk, 256Mb to 512MB RAM and prices are from $578 to $656.

PC Car Stereo View

Overall it’s a nice looking system and will work well in your vehicle.

Product Page Via: TechChee

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