Use PayPal to Pay Google Android Apps – Coming Soon Maybe

Google [GOOG] will soon allow PayPal to be another method to pay for Android apps from the Android Market. Currently there are two options available with the first being Google Checkout and the second being carrier billing (which is slowly rolling out). Adding PayPal to that mix opens up more chances of developers to pay for apps with a more common billing system.

Although adding PayPal as a payment method wont suddenly make developers in to millionaires, good apps are needed for that, it will still open it up to people who do not want a Google Checkout account, but already have a PayPal account.

It isn’t clear just yet when PayPal will be an option as the companies are still in talks over how it will all work from both a technical side of things and a contract/financial side of things. It isn’t guaranteed that the talks between PayPal and Google will be successful, but if they are then we should see the integration happen in the next few months.

Via: Gizmodo and Bloomberg

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