Pay by Wristwatch

Mastercard Paypass Wristwatch
Mastercard has introduced a new way of paying for items. This time the service uses a device in your watch which stores your card details. One swipe of your watch would allow you to make payments of no more then 15 Euros without having to sign or get out your card. No details are provided as to using a pin number to still authorise the payment which would make it a lot more secure. Hopefully that bright orange watch is not the onlt design and shape it comes in or that could hinder progress of this idea. Having your own watch customised with these features could be a better way forwards though.

The PayPass watch was created in collaboration with Chinatrust. I am going to try follow this one closely to see what comes of it. Having the ability to pay via watch or phone is ideal as you know you always carry them around with you.

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