Patriot Memory Launches New Inferno Series SSD’s

Patriot Memory is launching a new Inferno Series of SSD’s that bring new capacities of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB to the range.

The new drives are built upon earlier models which had 100GB and 200GB capacities. The new SSD’s have SandForce SF-1200 SSD processors inside that helps increase performance of the solid state drives.

As well as having a high performance rating the drives are also built to last and use SandForce DuraClass technology inside to help the drives survive more reads and writes.

Speed wise the drives can be read at 285MB/s and have up to 275MB write speeds (sequential).

For full details on the drives along with all the technical specs which make them worth checking out, have a look at the press release found over here.

Price wise, it all depends on which model you choose. Official prices are not available just yet. If you want more performance on a new or old computer then take gander at the link above.

Via: Coolest Gadgets

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