Path for iPhone Launches

Path is an app for the iPhone that has just launched. What the new application does is lets you share your life with close friends and family. To do this you use the camera on your iPhone to capture events as they happen. You can then have up to 50 friends added to the application who will get to see your pictures taken.

You have the ability to tag images and moments as you encounter them. The app lets you know when your friends have seen the pictures. As well as being able to share and be notified of who has viewed what on your account, Path also has a map section that allows you to explore places where friends have visited that they have shared with you.

A rundown of the features can be found below…

• Capture life’s moments with your iPhone camera.
• Share your life with 50 close friends and family.
• Tag your moments with people, places, and things.
• Know when your close friends have seen your moments.
• Explore your friends’ moments on a map.

Available now at iTunes Via: Gizmodo

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