Parallels Mobile App Brings Windows Access to iOS

Parallels recently released Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac. A new update to the Parallels Mobile for iPad and iPhone has now been released that lets users connect up to their Windows machines direct from the iPad or iPhone.

The video below shows a demonstration of how the new update works and exactly what can be done with it. Of course there’s a small bit of lag (large lag in some cases when on slow networks), but overall it looks to be quite impressive.

Unfortunately the previous versions of Parallels Mobile were more restricted and hence, only a two start rating is given for the app at the moment. Now that more control has been given to users, we expect to see the star rating rise.

Note that you need to be a Parallels user on the desktop to use this. The app is free, but the desktop version is not from what we understand. If you are already a user then grab the update now.

Via: Gizmodo

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