Paper Laptop

paper-laptopDesigner Je Sung Park has designed a new laptop that is recyclable due to it being made of paper. The idea behind it is that the average laptop could last anywhere from 2 to 5 years and then need to be replaced which ads a lot of harmful waste to the environment.

The laptop is made from pulp and reprocessed materials which when broken down a few years (perhaps weeks if it’s paper based) would then just be taken back down to it’s basic form and re-processed.

Although the laptop claims to be completely recyclable, the designer is referring to the outer casing only as there would still need to be a motherboard, LCD screen and battery inside to get the thing running along with all the necessary wiring, however, it is a step forwards in that it would cut some waste down. As for now, I’d like to see what a paper laptop actually works like as in, how durable is it and can it handle the day to day knocks and scrapes of life.


Via: DVice and Geeky-Gadgets

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