Pantech IM-U140

The Pantech will be hitting Korea soon. The IM-U140 is a multimedia handset which has a 2.6″ wide screen (WQVGA) display which is touch screen. The camera is a nice 3 megapixels. Other features it boasts are a built in DMB tuner, 4-channel steror speakers, MP3, built in games and a dictionary. It’s not the most feature packed device to hit the market soon but it does look like a nice phone.


Via: TechEBlog


  1. when is this phone (pantech im-u140) coming to the u.s.a and for how much send details to my e-mail address

  2. Not sure yet. Hopefully it’s not too far away as it’s a nice looking phone!

  3. hey how much is this phone

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