Pandora in The Home

Pandora In The Home
If you have not heard of Pandora then here is a quick rundown. allows you to listen to free internet radio channels. It doesnt stop there though. Pandora uses the Music Genome Project which has been analyzing music and building it in to categories for the last few years. This has allowed for a comprehensive list of music and different types of music to be grouped together. If you enjoy music from a particular artist then you type in their name and the Music Genome Project takes over and creates you your own unique radio station which streams music in the same genre and style to you. If you like a particular song then the Music Genome Project can create another radio station just for you featuring other artists you might never have heard or linked in with.

Pandora in the Home is a new device which uses the service. It allows you to listen to your radio stations from Pandora in any room of your house. This is achieved with the wireless multi room Sonos Digital Music system. This integrated with Pandora on your PC and allows you to take control of music from the remote control any where in the house. What makes this device stand out more is its ability to work with out the use of a PC. It connects to your wireless internet connection and you can then use the screen on the remote to create your radio stations and then select where you want them to be played. The screen also allows you to see the full colour album art of each artist you are listening to.

Pandora is worth checking out. Unfortunately you need to be in the US to use the service although I did find I could use it from the UK. For more details on Pandora and the Sonos controller visit the Pandora site which has full details of what does what and how it all works. Other options are available such as the Squeeze box which also allow you to connect direct up to your stereo and play music direct to it.

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