Panasonic VIERA X1 HDTV Gets 36% Discount

Panasonic-VIERA-X1If you are looking for a decent HDTV this Christmas and want to catch a good discount then Amazon have a Panasonic VIERA X1 HDTV on offer with a 36% discount. The VIERA X1 is a smaller 26 inch screen that is ideal for a smaller living room or perhaps a bedroom and normally has a retail price of $549.95, but has been cut down to $349.98 at the moment on special offer.

A quick run down of specs show that the screen measures 26 inches as mentioned above and can display a HD resolution of 720p. An SD card reader is built in the TV allowing you to share pictures with friends and also a system called VIERA link allows compatible systems to all be controlled through the TV such as a Blu-ray player, sound system or HD camcorder.

Although I wouldn’t class it as a large HDTV for home cinema usage as it’s quite small, it will still work well in bedrooms, dining rooms or small living rooms bringing 720p HD in to your home.

Available at Amazon.

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