Panasonic TH42PZ80B Plasma Screen Review

panasonic-th42pz80b-plasma-screenPanasonic are well known in the plasma screen scene. Earlier this year they launched the TH42PZ80B which measures 42″ in size and features a fully integrated Digital Freeview Tuner.

The Panasonic TH42PZ80B runs in full-HD meaning 1080p which means it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that give high quality images. The TV has 3 HDMI inputs which to some, may be considered overkill but this is actually a common amount allowing for various items to be connected up in HD. If you have a gaming console and sky TV then you may already have a need to use up two of those 3 connections. One drawback is that one of the HDMI ports is found under a flap on the front of the TV so ideally, this would only be used for a temporary solution. Two scart sockets can be found on the rear of the device allowing connection of older equipment. A PC port is also on the back which you can connect a VGA cable to. On the front are RGB ports and a memory card reader for displaying pictures.

Panasonic TH42PZ80B Features

* 42″ Widescreen Plasma TV
* DVB digital tuner integrated
* Full HD Ready
* 1920×1080 resolution
* 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
* 100hz
* Progressive Scan
* 20 W (10 W x 2) Speakers
* SD Memory Card Slot (SDHC Compatible)
* 3 HDMI Inputs
* 2 SCART sockets
* Composite Video Input
* S-Video Input
* Component Video Input
* PC Input

As this screen is plasma based, it means that black is as black as can be which is often preferred over the LCD equivalent screens. Overall if you want a nice sized Plasma screen for a decent price then the Panasonic TH42PZ80B could be the option for you. Please note that the same screen number without the B indicates it is not the British version… but is just the same in every way except for the power cord.

The Panasonic TH42PZ80B Plasma Screen is available from Empire Direct and currently costs £799.99.

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