Panasonic In-Car Blu-Ray Player

panasonic_blu-rayIf you feel the need to watch a HD movie in your car on a small 7 inch screen then check out this new player from Panasonic named the CN-HX900D.

The Panasonic CN-HX900D is (apparently) the worlds first in car Blu-ray player. It is powered by Windows, has GPS built in and can play CD’s, DVD’s and use the optional CY-BB1000D Blu-Ray player. Every is supported except for Blu-Live.

As well as having the features mentioned above a 5 channel amplifier, Bluetooth, a One-Seg tuner, 7 inch LCD capable of a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 40GB hard drive.

No pricing is available just yet for the CN-HX900D or the CY-BB1000D, but they are expected to be released shortly.

Via: NewLaunches and Impress

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