Panasonic CF-31 Rugged Notebook Computer Announced

The Panasonic CF-31 is a flagship computer produced by Panasonic that falls in to the Rugged Notebook category of laptops.

The CF-31 is a rebuild of a previous model called the CF-30 and brings a number of new features such as improved CPU performance.

Inside the Panasonic CF-31 an Intel Core i5 CPU with vPro and Turbo Boost technology powered the notebook. It comes with standard integrated Intel HD graphics although if desired, you do have the option to upgrade to a Radeon HD 5650.

The screen on the CF-31 rugged notebook measures 13.1 inches and has a rating of 1000 nits brightness along with a low reflection ratio. Nits is a measurement used to capture how bright the screen is over a certain area.

The 13.1 inch screen is also touch sensitive. The notebook also meets various standards with it being rugged and falls in to the IP65 range along with the MIL STD 810G meaning it can take a bit of a beating and still run succesfully.

Four USB ports can be found on the edges of the CF-31 along with a HDMI output port. As for battery life, 11.5 hours can be achieved under the right conditions.

The downside is that due to the ruggedness and fairly high specs you can expect to pay around £3329 + VAT for the standard version with those wanting a few optional extras paying a bit more.

Via: SlashGear

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