New Panasonic Battery is Higher Capacity and Less Explosive

Panasonic have designed and built a new battery designed for laptops that has an increased capacity and is less explosive. The new battery uses a form factor numbered 18650 that see’s the battery measuring 65mm in length with an 18mm diameter making them just the right size to be built as laptop batteries.

The batteries are lithium-ion and have a larger capacity allowing 3.1Ah of capacity to be stored vs the standard batteries which generally reach 2.9Ah.

The extra .2Ah of capacity will allow the run time of laptops to be a little bit longer which is always a good thing. Another feature of this particular design of battery is in how it’s built. By using a metal oxide layer between cathode and anode it supposedly makes the battery stay cool if a short occurs which should see the end of exploding laptops.

Via: RegHardware

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