Panasonic 64GB SDXC Card to cost $700

Panasonic have create an SDXC card that has a capacity of 64GB. As well as a 64GB version a 48GB version has also being launched providing plenty of storage for your compatible gadgets.

The 48GB model is set to be priced at $550 while the 64GB version will cost $700 when launched on February 19. The 64GB card has been known about for a few months now with a few samples being shipped, but no production models. The cards themselves have a write speed of 22MB/s and so far it appears that they will be the first of this size to be launched.

When compared to Toshiba’s similar cards though they actually run slower as the Toshiba cards are capable of reaching write speeds of up to 35MB/s.

For compatibility we hear that a number of manufacturers actually sell cameras that are compatible with SDXC cards of this size. A quick run down of what 64GB will hold we see that 8 hours and 30 minutes of HD video can be captured on the card while the same card is also capable of storing 9330 images with a resolution of 4,000 by 3,000 pixels. The 48GB cards are not too far behind either with the ability to capture 6 hours and 20 minutes of full HD or 6,890 images at the resolution mentioned above.

Cards should be launched next month with a ramp up in production happing shortly after.

Via: Gadgetell

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