Panasonic 3D TV Production increased by 30%

Panasonic have increased production of their 3DTVs by 30% from what we are hearing today. The increase comes because of the company selling all of their original US allocation of the 3DTV’s recently. The 30% increase should help fulfil demands allowing those who want them to buy them.

“We’ve had a very strong reaction,” he said Uehara, “Our plasma panel factory is at full capacity but we’ve increased 3D panel production by 30 per cent compared to our original plan.”

The head of Panasonic TV business, Hirotoshi Uehara, has said that he is hoping the 3D business will be embraced not only by entertainment, but business also…

“My thinking is that 3D shouldn’t just be limited to broadcast television, it should reach a range of industries, such as video conferencing or PowerPoint presentations. That in turn will boost the size of the [market].”

Right now, 3DTV is quite expensive with the TV’s costing in to the thousands for what you’d pay hundreds for without 3D. The good news is that Panasonic are selling out fast of their 3DTV’s and if the trend continues, prices should fall quicker allowing more to purchase 3DTV and it becoming mainstream in the next few years.

Via: TechRadar and FT

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