Panasonic 3D HD Camera – Concept

Panasonic are in the process of creating a 3D camera capable of capturing HD images.

A lot of 3D cameras require that you use 2 cameras mounted side by side to record. However, this camera puts the 2 cameras in to 1 and has a double lens on the front to capture images at eye widths apart providing the capability of representing 3D. The camera is HD but is still just in concept at the moment. Expect a rather large price when (and if) it does become available.

The cameras capture 2 separate video feeds on to a P2 flash memory system. This system combines the footage on to 1 stream to display on a 3D screen.



  1. Please send full information about this camera .

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    Please post sample video taken with this camera.. thank

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    very nise camera

  5. i need full information about this camera

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    this hav blutoth? I am like for my videochat how much this in RS?

  7. am keeping in pace with the technology

  8. the future is here

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