Palm Pre WebOS Homebrewed – Hello World!

webos-hello-worldA leaked WebOS root image was found last night on the web and thanks to this a few homebrewers have been hard at working breaking in to WebOS. The code which can be executed (thanks to the Sprint Nascar application) simply says “Hello World” on the screen which is a common message when homebrewing.

As well as fiddling with running new applications on the Pre the homebrewers also are trying to mess around with the image of the firmware by doing things such as disabling the shutter sound on the camera when the phone is in silent mode.

Although mobile phone companies prefer not to let homebrew run and always seal up the security hole with a new firmware update, it’s always a game of the homebrewers being a step ahead. Hopefully some cool little decent apps will come out soon as well as other tweaks that you could expect from a homebrew community.

Via: Engadget

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