Palm Pre gets a Virtual Keyboard

Palm-Pre-Virtual-KeyboardHidden deep within Palm Pre’s WebOS a bit of code was found that is actually for a virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard seems to have 2 options available in that it can work both portrait and landscape.

It was found by some coders who were snooping around looking for hidden features in the Pre’s operating system. The pre-alpha keyboard has been tested across all apps and was found to work on all programs and fields within programs.

Although still in early development stages, the virtual keyboard has a downloadable patch available for those of you who want a sneak peek. You may be wondering why the Pre needs a virtual keyboard when it actually has it’s own physical keyboard already. Phones like the G1 also feature virtual keyboard abilities, in addition to a physical keyboard, but as WebOS will be on Palm’s new products I wonder if some of the future Palm devices will be keyboard-less?

Via: SlipperyBrick

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