Palm Foleo to use WebOS

palm-foleo-webosAlmost 2 years ago we mentioned that Palm were looking at launching the Palm Foleo. The Foleo is a netbook style device which was first drawn up about 10 – 12 years ago (although only referred to as a netBook). Back in 2007 when we mentioned the foleo, it was set to be pre-installed with a linux OS, have a 10″ screen and weigh about 2.5lbs. The Foleo shortly after was dropped. It seems like Palm might be trying to relaunch the Foleo again but this time using the WebOS operating system that the Pre is using.

The device when launched will sell for around the $400 mark and use a Qualcomm GOBI chip allowing it to work on many mobile broadband carriers. With the Foleo and other netbooks from Palm never really appearing I would be surprised to see it become available… but if the WebOS is successful on the Pre and all goes well with that launch next month then maybe we might be in for a surprise later on this year. Keep your eyes pealed.


  1. Looks like the Netbook competition is going to heat up pretty soon. I read somewhere, that some vendors might launch Android based netbooks as well…The users will have so much choice…Linux, Windows, WebOS and Android! That’s awesome. Now only if apple launched a netbook ( which they most probably won’t..not the cheap ones anyway)

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