Palm drops Windows Phone

palm-drops-windows-mobilePalm have confirmed that Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) will not be used on any of their phones from now on. Instead, it will be working with it’s own webOS only. This was confirmed by the Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein who said there will be no more devices with that OS installed from them.

All development in the future will now focus on creating a better webOS. It also indicates that no other OS will get a look in either as Jon said… “Which means that going forward, our roadmap will include only Palm webOS-based devices.”

I’m not convinced it’s the best strategy as it seems companies like HTC who create phones with multiple OS’s will get a broader range of apps. However, for webOS users who like the operating system this is good news because Palm will focus all it’s attention to making good devices based on 1 system rather than many.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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