Packager for iPhone converts Flash Apps to iPhone Apps

The iPhone doesn’t yet support Adobe Flash which is a bit of a frustration for those wanting to browse sites like Youtube as well as online gaming sites to name just a couple of the flash based sites out there. The battle has been going on for a while with Adobe trying to get Apple [AAPL] to allow flash to work, but as of yet it hasn’t happened for various reasons which we wont go in to here (see TechCrunch for more details on that).

However, Adobe have introduced what it calls Packager for iPhone that aims to tackle the problem from a different angle. The software now allows flash developers to easily convert flash apps in to iPhone apps that function the same and can be sent in to Apple for approval to be sold in the app store. The software is still in an early beta test phase and is part of the Create Suite 5 developer tools pack.

What this could mean is that if the tool is officially launched in 2010, we could potentially see the flood gates open for the iPhone with flash applications created, converted and then submitted to Apple for approval. Adobe has a lot of developers (around the 2 million mark) which could potentially be submitting new applications later this year. We’ll post more when we hear more details, or when the application is set to be launched.

Details of the Packager for iPhone software can be found on the Adobe site.

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  1. iphone apps says

    Packager for iPhone converts Flash Apps to iPhone Apps is a wise thing to acquire in my mobile. converter of flash is quiet not easy but thanks to this features will me maximize my learning in adobe flash through my phone.

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