Overclocked Nexus 7 Benchmark results revealed

The Google Nexus 7 Tegra 3 chip is clocked at 1.2GHz normally. One person has managed to overclock the CPU up to 1.64GHz and has benchmarked the device to see how much the performance has increased.

The benchmark results reveal a score of over 7000 in Quadrant which is extremely impressive as the next device down is the HTC One X that scores about 4700 looking at the chart above.

What makes the achievement more impressive is that battery life hasn’t suffered too much and is classed by Android Community as still amazing.

The Trinity kernel is responsible for the overclocking. To save power the clock can be adjusted for games etc… but kept at a minimum for processes that don’t require speed. Also, sleep time has been optimised even more so that the device gets more power and longer battery life that way.

If you don’t mind overclocking your new Nexus 7 tablet them it would be well worth you checking out rooting your device and installing one of these mods. Full details at the link above.


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