Over 10 Million Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphones Sold

In less than two months Samsung has sold over 10 million Galaxy SIII smartphones. The original prediction from the company hinted that they would reach 10 million units by August which means they are selling them quicker than first anticipated.

The information comes from the Samsung president who also commented that they expect to see over 40 million sales by the end of 2012.

The Galaxy S smartphone has been a strong competitor to the iPhone since the launch of the original S a couple of years ago. The S2 went on to sell a good number of units last year which is now followed by the S3 this year.

Although the 10 million units sold looks good, what isn’t clear (as usually is the case) is how many of those have been sold to customers… the end user. Samsung has previously stated sales to store figures which could mean that stores still have plenty on the shelves.

Expect to hear a 20M, 30M and 40M announcement over the next few months in the run up to Christmas.


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