OS X Lion Messages Beta Appears to Be for Mountain Lion Only After Launch

Apple launched a beta version of Messages for Mac. The app works in the same way as Messages for iOS devices in that it allows you to easily send an iMessage from the desktop to other iMessage users.

The beta works on OS X Lion at the moment although we are hearing now that in the future, when the beta ends, it might only be made available for those upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion.

The rumour of it only being for Mountain Lion eventually comes from Consomac who discovered some text within the public beta version. It hints that when the beta expires that users will be encouraged to visit the Mac App store to purchase OS X Mountain Lion.

You can download Messages from the Apple website. I guess the text does confirm one thing, that Mountain Lion will be made available in the same way that Lion was… via the App store. There’s no real surprise there though.

Grab it now over here.

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