Orange UK Has Lowest Unlimited Broadband Price

Orange claims that it now has the lowest priced unlimited broadband price in the UK. The cost of the service is £5/month although you need to pay £12.95/month for line-rental. The full price of £17.95/month gets you the 20Mbps unlimited broadband package as well as free evening and weekend calls in the UK. To get the deal at this price, you need to be an existing Orange Mobile customer.

Although the claims are 20Mbps download, note that this is the theoretical limit and that day to day usage generally sees lower depending on how far away from the exchange you are. Back on to calls for a moment, we also hear that customers who pay another £10 on top can extend the unlimited calls from evening and weekends to 24/7.

“Although financially times are tough, we believe that everyone should have access to the best value deals in the market, irrespective of where they live. That’s why despite other providers raising the price of their overall packages, we’re actually offering the best priced plans we can to our customers right across the nation,” said Sylvain Thevenot, director of Marketing & Propositions for Orange.

The product details can be found over on the Orange Broadband website which is found over here. We also recommend checking out the terms which clears up the 20MB speed offered which is actually 8Mbps if you are not in an Orange Broadband area and possibly lower if you are not next to an exchange. Still, it’s quite a decent price and according to Orange, the best in the UK at the moment.


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