Orange and T-Mobile in UK to Merge

Reports in today show that Orange and T-Mobile in the UK have received clearance by the EU Commission. This will allow the two mobile phone networks to join together making them a leader in the UK mobile phone market.

Right now the merger is being prepared for a Spring close of transaction with Deutsche Telekom saying…

‘This is excellent news, for our customers, for our highly committed teams in the UK and for our shareholders. Now the way is clear for pooling our resources to create an outstanding high-speed mobile broadband network in one of the most competitive markets in Europe. This joint venture company is based on a significant potential of synergies which create substantial value for the two shareholders and translate directly into customer benefits. Our teams in the UK will be rolling up their sleeves to roll out these benefits.”

From what we understand, this merging of the two companies will have no negative impact on customers of the two companies and should actually bring better service. The two brands involved in the merger (Orange and T-Mobile) will continue to operate under the same name for at least 18 months in the UK after the transaction is complete.

Lets hope having a larger company does bring better quality of service and not open up a whole new can of customer service worms.

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