Orange Launch Pay-as-you-consume Apple iPad 3G Data Plans

Earlier today we received official details from Apple [AAPL] regarding the launch date and the price of the Apple iPad in the UK. We already knew a few of the networks over in the UK would be offering price plans and Orange are the first to step forwards with their offerings.

Orange are calling the plans pay-as-you-consume and they will offer several plans starting with a pay monthly for what you use plan where costs are 5p per MB with a limit of £40/month being applied to the account.

Next up are the bundle plans where you can sign up for a day, 7 days or monthly plans as follows…

iPad Daily (valid for 1 day until midnight) – £2 – 200MB
iPad Weekly (valid for 7 days until midnight) – £7.50 – 1GB
iPad Monthly 15 (recurring) – £15 – 3GB + unlimited browsing at Wi-Fi hotspots
iPad Monthly 25 (recurring) – £25 – 10GB + unlimited browsing at Wi-Fi hotspots

Most people will probably get a better deal from the £15/month plan unless you are glued to your iPad 24/7.

Although I can’t say Orange are offering some fantastically priced plans, it will be interesting to see what the other two networks who will be offering iPad plans can offer.

To order a microSIM on the Orange network you need to head on over to on Monday where pre-orders for the micriSIM will be started.

Right now it isn’t clear how signup for the account will happen. Hopefully it will work in a similar way to the AT&T plans where you can activate and deactivate the 3G account at any point through a screen on the iPad.

Full details at Orange.


  1. Apple 99 says

    Too expensive, too late and out of touch. Apple and Orange are being greedy and could make more profit by making it accessible financially to more… what a shame, and shame on you both for thinking we are so gullible.

  2. elusive.hawkeye says

    Ditto -Apple99. Also tech boring, just a giant Itouch! Apple needs to open machine to outside tech vis-à-vis Microsoft. I want to “use” the machine, not be herded by it into a corral of identical users with apps approved and blessed by Apple. Maybe greed is a better description.

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