Orange iPhone 4 UK micro SIMs to get Free Adapter Provided

Orange has announced on Twitter that micro SIM cards for the iPhone 4 UK model will come with a free adapter allowing you to switch a micro SIM back in to a SIM for times when you want to use a different handset for whatever reason.

The small adapters are the size of a regular SIM card and have a hole cut out which allows the micro SIM to sit comfortably in essentially making it back in to a regular SIM card.

O2 also offers micro SIM adapters free of charge, but unlike Orange who will provide them with every micro SIM, with O2 you’ll need to call by your local O2 shop to pick one up (still free of charge though).

On network pricing, we are still waiting for Three, T-Mobile and Tesco Mobile to announce pricing although we are starting to think from earlier rumours that some of them wont even be offering the iPhone 4 on launch day. We’ll wait for clarification on that.


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