Orange iPhone – 30,000 Units Sold on Launch Day

orange-iphoneYesterday saw the launch of the Apple [AAPL] iPhone on to the Orange network in the UK. The launch came as the O2 exclusive contract came to an end. Reports show that launch day went well with Orange shifting over 30,000 units on the first day.

The amount of phones sold sets a record for the Orange network and as O2 have been the only company allowed to sell the iPhone it must make Orange happy that they can now get in on the iPhone.

In the next few months we will see the Vodafone network starting to offer the iPhone in the UK which will also increase competition on the device. Orange was partly criticised recently for being too tight with their unlimited (limited) download of 750MB/month although with iPhone sales hitting a record for Orange it seems that either people do not know about the 750MB limit, or that they are not too fussed.

Right now O2 and Orange have similar contracts for the iPhone but with Vodafone and potentially other networks taking on the iPhone next year, we might see a little more competition here in the UK.

Via: GeekyGadget

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