Orange App Shop Launched

Orange-App-ShopOrange have announced the launch of their new Application Shop which is available today. The Orange App Shop gives users one click access to thousands of handy applications. Although the application shop has been available for a while, they are now putting the App Shop on mobile phones rather than accessing through the web browser.

The App Shop is being made available on over one million phones in both the UK and France with millions more customers gaining access next year in 2010.

The program will be put on the home screen of phones and as Orange is a network rather than an OS, the App Shop will be multi-platform allowing users of many phones and OS’s to connect up and download applications they want.

‘We are giving customers a tailor-made shop window on the mobile that makes it easier to discover, download, use and manage content. Whether it’s a Smartphone user, or someone using a simpler device, we know the demand for content is there it’s just about getting that experience right. That is why we want to give everyone with a phone in their hand the easiest access to personal content, on the most suitable device and tariff, to help them take the parts of the mobile Internet that they know and love, everywhere they go.

Next year, Orange will be rolling out the app shop to several more countries and pre-loading new phones with the software to access the system.

It’s certainly a good move for Orange given that there is a lot of demand for App Stores/Shops/Market Places or whatever you choose to call or use.

More details over on the Orange Press Release.

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