Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Now Available

Opera has released the Opera Mini 5.1 web browser for Windows Mobile devices.

The new version is designed to support devices with larger and high res screens and it has support for accelerometers too. If using Opera on a Windows Mobile device, you now have the ability to set 5.1 as the default browser.

The 5.1 version of Opera Mini is already available on Android and BlackBerry smartphones. Windows Mobile is the next to get the faster browsing experience.

For those devices that have accelerometers, the browser can now auto-rotate when changing the phone from landscape to portrait or vice-versa.

As Opera Mini uses a backend server to compress content before it gets to the phone, the savings on a data bill can be as good as 90% as a lot less data is pushed down to the smartphone.

The browser is available now for download here.

Via: SlashGear

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