OpenOffice Hits the 300 Million Download Mark

OpenOffice has just hit a big milestone in that it has passed the 300 Million download mark just recently. This number was reached in almost 8 years as the project was first started in April 2002.

For those of you who are not aware of what OpenOffice is, it’s a free alternative to Microsoft Office and allows users to create documents, spreadsheets and do most other things that the paid MS version of the software can do.

300 Million downloads represents a good number of users who have downloaded or re-downloaded the software since it’s launch.

As well as achieving 300M downloads, the version of Office has just been updated to OpenOffice 3.2 and aims to improve user experience on the free software. New features on the software include quicker loading times of documents, quicker start up times as well as tweaks to the user interface to make it more intuitive to use.

The software can be downloaded from the OpenOffice site available here.

Via: Coated

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