Omnivision OV2720 1080p Image Sensor

The Omnivision OV2720 is a very small image sensor that is capable of capturing video at 1080p (Full HD) resolutions. The new sensor has been compacted down making it about 1/6 of an inch in size making it ideal for being embedded in to devices such as smartphones, laptops and perhaps the iPad 2.

When recording video in 1080p, the device is capable of capturing up to 30 frames per second. The device also uses a process to achieve better image quality in low light situations which is also a bonus, especially where smartphone cameras are concerned.

Omnivision has said in the past, or at least hinted in the past, that the Apple iphone 4G could get to use the sensor, but due to manufacturing on a mass scale not happening till next month of this sensor, it could be a little late for the next generation iPhone. Instead, Devicemag believe that the OV5650 will be used instead as that sensor is also capable of capturing video at 1080p.

We should hear more soon about the sensor and perhaps even start seeing phones with the sensor in later on this year. One problem I often see with smartphone cameras is that they are slow and sluggish. This new sensor (the OV2720) looks to be capable of fixing those problems.

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